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Solo CD: Bach, Mozart, Giuliani, Mertz

by Radmila Besic | Nov 25, 2010

Bach, Mozart, Giuliani, Mertz

Cover-Image EAN 4031917002883

The CD has been released on november 25 2010. Among it's 17 titles you will find pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mauro Giuliani and Johann Kaspar Mertz which were taken from my concert and event repertoire of 2010.

On January 21 2011 BR Klassik (Bavarian public radio station for classical music) broadcasted a 30 minutes review playing lots of music from the CD:
Title 10-14 (Johann Kaspar Mertz, from "Bardenklänge", op.13) and title 6 (Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita h-moll, Tempo die Borea, BWV 1002)

You can by this CD at my concerts and events or by using Contact on this website to write me an email.