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Live-Music for your Company's Presentation, your private Celebration or any other Event?

What are events?

When talking about events, I refer to all kind of events that can not be called classical concert. The difference might just be that it is not a public "concert, that it is not only about music or that there is a very strong and intended commercial side effect.

How does an event get it's music

In all theses cases, the first thing is to get clear about the intention of the event and which part the music plays in it. Only then it is possible to talk about ideas, options and make an offer. In most cases this is quick and easy, as there are many "standard"-event. In other cases talking details will be necessary After all, it is about getting the best possible solution for your event.

For further information, examples, advice and booking, please contact me using my contact page.

Please feel free to take a look at my event guidelines below. They can help to bring your ideas into the right direction.

Musik für Events: Leitfaden

Wohnzimmerkonzert Enjoy with wine: guitar and bassoon Charity Concert: Christian Ude and Radmila Besic Radmila Besic: Music for a Presentation Radmila Besic: Music for a Presentation