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Guitar with Orchestra

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Opposites attract

When you think about a big symphony orchestra and then about a classical guitar, you will earnestly have to ask yourself: how can two such different sound source join together harmoniously? This did not stop Joaquin Rodrigo from composing one of the most famous concerts of our time: the "Concierto de Aranjuez".  But this concert is not an isolated case - there are much more compositions for classical guitar and orchestra then one would expect after having a look at current concert calendars. Many deserve to be played more often.

Sure, it is a challenge for soloist and orchestra: finding a sensitive and smooth way to reconcile "contradictions", whenever needed or make use of them as dramatic contrasts.

Like will to like

A large variety in acoustic color, capability of polyphonic voicing and an enormous range of musical character are the reasons why the classical guitar is sometimes referred to "as a small orchestra". So I enjoy creating smooth transitions between small and big orchestra where unity is required. Contrasts will find their place in the parts opposing solo instrument and orchestra.


Technical benefits

Performances with guitar and orchestra take place for multiple centuries now. In all this time the technique of playing and building instruments have improved to meet the challenges of their time. Like this, also in our days, we are able to present concerts for guitar and orchestra in a convincing way - without electric amplification. But why should we restrict ourselves?
I do have a clear idea about this: Neither musical enjoyment, nor cooperation between the musicians must suffer. If this can be ensured, there is no reason for limitation.

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