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Guitar with Voice

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In times when Schubert did not have a piano...

he used his guitar to compose. For this reason it is not surprising, that many of his songs are very well suited for transcribing the piano part to classical guitar. But of course there is a lot of original music for classical guitar and classical singing. Art songs are definitely not restricted to being sung with piano. Next to compositions of the late classical period of Sor and Giuliani, there are also songs for the lute which are well suited for guitar (e.g. John Dowland). Even Hans Werner Henze wrote music for classical guitar and voice.

Most people nearly automatically think about vocals, when thinking about guitar. It simply harmonizes very well together - but not just on the level of strumming and ordinary or popular singing. This is also true for the highest artistic level of trained classical singers accompanied by classical guitar.

When there is no piano available at the event venue...

and still you want your classical singer to be accompanied, classical guitar is a perfect choice. It will easily be available at every place where a singer can sing. Like this it is possible to have performances that change the location between the songs or that simply need to react very spontaneously on weather changes.

The singer sings, I accompany.

This should be said very clearly again: I am a professional classical guitarist, this means my performances interpret compositions or transcriptions for classical guitar - I do not sing. I leave the singing to professional classically trained singers. Like this everyone does what he knows best - for highest possible musical enjoyment.

In all this, my role is not the one of a répétiteur but of a fully equal chamber music partner - just like it should be with art songs.