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Guitar with Keyboard Instrument

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Piano and Classical Guitar

On the first glance, this looks like a very uneven combination. Never the less the amount of repertoire for this ensemble is surprisingly big. This may be due to many of those compositions did not have a modern concert Steinway in mind - which in its evolution got louder and louder. But also guitars have not been as loud as today in earlier days.

So it must have always been an exciting challenge and still is, to join the contrasts and differences of these instruments into a harmonizing ensemble. With modern ways of amplification problems with the loudness balance can be solved easily without an impact on the instruments sound characteristics. Never the less, the charm of contrasts and differences is to find out how to complete each other.

All this no only applies to performances of original music for guitar and piano. It is also valid, when the piano takes the part of the orchestra in many works for classical guitar with orchestra.

Many? - well, at least there are much more than some orchestra managers, conductors and musicians are aware of. There is not just Joaquin Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez"  (just Rodrigo wrote another concert for one guitar, one for two guitars and one for four guitars with Orchestra).

Stravko Zivkovic (Akkordeon) und Radmila Besic (Gitarre)Accordion and Guitar

may be easily associated with "Tango".

Adequate - it is a very passionate combination.

What about ist mit organ or harpsichord?

All in all, what applies to guitar with solo instrument can also be said here:

It is manly a matter of the overall performance situation. In general:

Each performance or event will get the ensemble needed!