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Guitar with Solo Instrument

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When there is the need for a little bit more mobility...

Classical guitar - like piano - is a very good choice for accompanying solo instruments. The musical repertoire will not be exactly the same as with piano, but there is a lot of beautiful music for both combinations. The big advantage of the guitar: It can easily be transported to any venue. A piano may present a lot more problems here. Be it an event in the mountains or a small concert on a plane - the guitar is there.

or there is a wish for a special character.

But not only when there is not much space or it is hard to get there the guitar show its charm in chamber music. In many pieces for classical guitar with solo instrument from romantic to modern period, you find a Spanish, Latin American or a jazz-like character. But also in older music plucked string instruments were well respected. Creating each sound directly with the finger on the string allows to adjust extremely well to the needs of the soloist. This intense unity between the musicians will create a very special experience.

Which solo instruments are the best choice?

Making use of the modern possibilities of electrical amplification of the guitar, there is just one relevant point to look at: the existing repertoire (or the time needed for transcribing music for the combination. So don't be shy to think about guitar and trumpet for example. This may be an unusual and extreme example, but still very nice, when you take care about the sound balance and a well selected repertoire.

But let's start with more classical combinations - those, where you do not need to transcribe music or use amplification equipment:

  • Violin and Guitar
  • Flute and Guitar
  • Oboe and Guitar
  • Recorder and Guitar

We also take the ensembles with well known transcriptions:

  • Cello and Guitar
  • Clarinet and Guitar

... and as said above: there are no restrictions to other combinations when you take care about the overall situation.

And with which soloists does Radmila Besic play?

As I have my experience with all the mentioned  combinations above and my focus is solely on performing (I don't live from teaching music!), there is a very simple way to answer this:

Each performance or event will get the ensemble needed!

As I am well connected to other musicians, I will find a good choice for soloist you need - or I will simply be the partner of the soloist you provide.